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Safe-Deposit Box

When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, nothing is more secure, convenient and accessible than a safe-deposit box with us.

These strongboxes located in our vault can be used to store important
personal, business, and financial papers and documents as well as other
valuable items.

We are responsible for providing reasonable protection for your box and its contents.  We will not be liable for loss by fire, theft, embezzlement, or any other cause unless we have failed to exercise reasonable care in the protecting it.

We have two different sizes of boxes, 3"x5" for $12/year and 3"x10" for $20/year.

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414 Second Street | P.O. Box 46 | Jackson, MN 56143
Phone :507.847.4714 | Fax: 507.847.4766
E-mail: jackfed@jacksonfederalsl.com